Driveway cleaning and sealing   

With your driveway in our hands, you have nothing to worry about.   

You may not believe it, but even driveways need cleaning!

You may not believe it, but even driveways need cleaning! When driveways are left unclean for a prolonged period of time, they accumulate dirt and debris all over the surface. This reduces surface friction and makes it unstable for pedestrians to walk on.  

 An unkempt driveway can also harbour the growth of weed, mould, and moss, all of which can damage and weaken the core structure of your driveway. Often, no matter how hard you clean, those persistent weeds or stubborn grime may never go away.   

To deal with these issues, our team uses high pressure washing to ensure a fast and effective elimination of all unwanted agents from the surface.   

We have experience in a range of driveway surfaces such as concrete, stone, tiles etc. so we can provide a tailored and customised service based on your needs. After a thorough clean of the surface, we also apply a sealant to make sure the cleanliness of your driveway is preserved.   

At Get Blasted, we value every single customer’s experience with us. This is why we will work hard to ensure that we are hitting your targets (and exceeding them). With your driveway in our hands, you have nothing to worry about.   

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At Get Blasted, we are committed to your satisfaction. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you can have complete peace of mind, knowing that your driveway is in the hands of professionals who will go above and beyond to deliver exceptional results.



COVID safe operations

We strictly adhere to all necessary COVID-19 safety protocols during these challenging times. You can trust that our team will follow all guidelines to provide a safe and hygienic cleaning and sealing service for your driveway.

Professional and Reliable

With Get Blasted, you can expect professionalism and reliability in every aspect of our service. Our experienced team is highly skilled and knowledgeable in driveway cleaning and sealing. We will arrive on time, equipped with the right tools and techniques to deliver exceptional results.


Flexible Cleaning Options

We are aware that every consumer has distinct preferences when it comes to cleaning solutions. We provide a variety of options for our driveway cleaning procedure because of this, including the option to utilize conventional cleaning chemicals or, if requested, cleaning agents that are kind to the environment. While respecting your preferred cleaning techniques, we put your satisfaction first and guarantee effective results.

Over 10 years of experience

With a wealth of industry experience spanning over a decade, we have fine-tuned our skills and mastered our techniques. Our profound knowledge and unparalleled expertise empower us to effectively manage an array of driveway surfaces, encompassing concrete, stone, and tiles. Trust us to deliver a customized and tailored cleaning and sealing service.

Affordable and Customer-centric

At our core, we firmly believe in making high-quality driveway cleaning and sealing services accessible to all. That’s why we have curated competitive and budget-friendly pricing options without compromising on the exceptional quality of our service. Our customer-centric philosophy drives us to prioritize your unique requirements and consistently go above and beyond to surpass your expectations at every stage of our engagement.

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