Garage floor cleaning and sealing 

Garage floors are the perfect place for dirt and dust to gather

Garage  cleaning in Sydney

Our team takes every step to be an environmentally-conscious cleaning company

Does the mere sight of your garage floor make you feel disgusted? If so, you’re not alone.   

Garage floors are the perfect place for dirt and dust to gather because they are often never cleaned. Imagine what your car tires are bringing in every time you park your car, or what your shoe soles have accumulated in the span of their lifetime.   

This excess grime is sure to wear out your garage floor and create stubborn stains that will take ages to scrub out. At Get Blasted, we use only the most effective equipment to eliminate all dirt in a safe and efficient manner. We also provide a sealing service, which reduces wear and tear and makes your floor last longer.   

 We take pride in helping our clients with highly effective cleaning in and around the house. We’ll do the hard work so that you can spend your time and effort where you truly want to.   

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